Acrylic Painting Techniques 


Specialty Brushes

There are all kinds of unique brushes, but years ago I came across a Loew-Cornell brush called a "rake" that intrigued me. I think they come in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" and are similar to a filbert grass brush.

  Loew Cornell 7120 Series Rake

rake brush 3

While I use these brushes for a variety of things, I originally used them for a series of paintings over black gesso on canvas and painted with black and white ink. I chose inks because of their concentration of pigment in a lighter viscosity medium. Here are a few pieces using this technique.

Face It

"Face It"  Ink on Canvass 36"x36"

Face It Detail

"Face It" detail


Eye and Ball

"Eye and Ball"  Ink and Acrylic on Paper 20"x28"


Here is another use of the rake brush. In these paintings, I used the brush to build the structure of the shapes and then applied glazes.


  "Tiger"  Ink and Acrylic on Paper 28"x20"

Tiger Detail 2

"Tiger" detail


"Paused Elephant"  Ink and Acrylic on Paper  24" x 20"


"Outcasts" Ink and Acrylic on Canvass 35"x35" 





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