Acrylic Painting Techniques


Air Painting

If you have access to compressed air, it's a lot of fun to push paint around with an airhose.  The results can be facinating and paintings can be built around them, so when you are feeling a bit in need of a new direction, squirt some paint out and have some fun.

First, keep the pressure low for more control.  I usually keep it around 20 psi.


Below, I have used some self adhering shelf paper as a quick frisket and squeezed out some paint. I always thin my acrylics with medium which works well for this technique.  

Air Painting 4

After an initial blowing, I add paint where needed.

Air Painting 5

I now have removed the frisket and can now play with the wet paint. It's lots of fun to experiment with different color combinations.

Air Painting2

Here is an "air painting" from my Abstract Gallery


I also used this this technique in the valcano in "Outcasts"


"Outcasts" Acrylic and ink on canvas, 36"x36"



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