Acrylic Pallet Solution

I have used everything imaginable for an acrylic painting pallet.  Plastic pallets are a pain to clean, disposable paper art pallets that come on pads are great, but expensive.  Glass pallets work well, but require a good squirt of 409 and lots of water and scraping if they dry- too time consuming.

The overall best solution I have found is butcher paper with a poly coating on one side.  I buy both white and kraft in 18" rolls and have a small unwind stand that is easy to tear sheets off and is also very inexpensive.

Many painters prefer a wood tone pallet for mixing colors more accurately and others opt for white. Kraft butcher paper has a very medium wood tone, and I think it works great if you prefer that color for a pallet. Butcher paper and the stand are easily found online.

Pallet Paper 


  Pallet Paper in Use



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